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Step by Step Fumigation



Homeowners prepared to remove insects such as spiders, ants, and termites, through fumigation must take precaution before introducing harmful chemicals into their homes. Take time to learn about the dangers of fumigating your home. Below, you'll find 3 basic fumigation tips, along with detailed steps you should take in preparing for fumigation.

a) Preparing for Fumigation

Because of the dangers associated with fumigation, preparation is one of the most important factors that Frodak cleaners recommend in guarding against potential health hazards related to exposure of fumigation chemicals and gases. Below, are some of the precautions for those interested in home fumigation:

  • Get a Frodak professional to help you in preparing for fumigation.
  • Remove all people from the area to be fumigated
  • Remove all potted or hanging plants, vehicles, dogs, cats or other pets around the fumigation area
  • Remove, or seal in plastic bags, any food and medications that might be exposed to fumigation gases.
  • Open all plastic bags/covers containing clothes and mattresses
  • All foods in refrigerators and freezers must be removed, or sealed.
  • Turn off air conditioning units.
  • Open drawers, cupboards, and closet doors prior to fumigation
  • Safes, vaults, lockers, cabinets must be unlocked and opened


b) Frodak in Action

Frodak Professional(s) does Fumigation after all safety measures are undertaken.

c) Re-Entry into Fumigated area

You should air out your house after an estimated 15-24hr period. This means all windows and doors should be opened. Fans should be used ratsto exhaust chemical fumes that remain after initial fumigation. You should also take steps to ensure that a qualified person from Frodak Cleaners measures the levels of chemical fumes that may remain inside the house.

d) Watch for any Health hazards

In case of any symptoms of over-exposure to fumigation gases during and after fumigation, such as nausea, headaches, coughing, breathing difficulties, double vision, dizziness, and fatigue. People who have been exposed to these gases and who experience any of these symptoms should seek immediate medical attention. Although after taking the necessary precautions by involving a Frodak professional as indicated in step one above, these are normally well avoided.

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